My first year out of school I worked as the Robinson Child and Family Resilience Fellow with Discover Together, which is a collaborative effort between Sewanee, The Yale Child Study Center, Scholastic Inc. and Tracy City Elementary School. Discover Together offers a variety of programs all focused on building literacy and community.

During my time as the Robinson Fellow part of my job was to take the photography portion of Camp Discover and turn it into an after school program during the year. We named the program Story Place with the intention of focusing on narrative and storytelling and in the first year worked with a group of third and fourth graders. We spent the first year exploring the themes of self, family, and community. I asked students to think about what made them unique as they created self portraits. We shared photos of family and home and created a map of the community using their images. We involved parents and guardians through the year, inviting them to view students work and participate in activities.

Since my time as the Robinson Fellow has ended, Story Place has continued to be run by recent fellows and Tracy City Elementary teachers and staff.


Below is a book of photographs taken by students from the first year of Story Place.